Dear Sir/ Madam,

First and foremost, on behalf of our family and the team, I would like to express my appreciation to your interest in The Forest, 259 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Opened in 1994, The Forest is a fine dining restaurant, offering cuisine and warm hospitality in a rustic historically preserved building. The Forest, Hanoi is a family business – the heart, mind and soul of three generations of food lovers. The Forest, Hanoi will feature an authentic Vietnamese menu with a touch of fusion in rustic and charming ambiance.

The concept of the restaurant was inspired by During the Vietnam war, my grandfather, as a soldier stationed in the Northern highland of Vietnam, was sheltered and cared for in the unconditional love of the ethnic minorities. “The Forest” was born as the family’s tribute to the minorities for their valuable help. In order to fulfill grandmother’s wishes, my mom gave up her career as a fashion designer to focus on building “The Forest”.

Hence, “The Forest” is a dining space of unique interior design ideas; decorative details are the everyday things bearing the hallmark of the ethnic minorities in northern Vietnam. “The Forest” brings to the guest a feeling of actually being in a house in the high mountainous areas.

From the design of one of the relatives of the family the architect Nguyen Tran Thanh, “The Forest” was completed after two years of building. Since then, The Forest has been through 20 years running the business with the preservation of all three family generations. In the meantime, the restaurant has been honored to welcome so many diplomatic missions from France, Canada, New Zealand … and Vietnam. Currently, The Forest has been renovated and preserved by the young generation in the family.

– My Linh Phan –